COD Vanguard x Attack on Titan Crossover Leaked via Datamine


Leakers have recently discovered in the source files of Call of Duty Vanguard what would seem to be hints of a possible COD crossover with the large Japanese IP that is Attack on Titan.

Call of Duty Vanguard saw its official release on the 5th of November this year and is the newest title to have launched that is a part of the veteran franchise produced at Activision. Developed by Sledgehammer, Vanguard takes players back to the familiar fields of war scattered across multiple countries during the period of World War II.

The leaks come in the form of lines that can be found within memory dumps of the game, specifically lines that would correlate rather heavily with concepts that are specific to the settings of the Japanese Anime Attack on Titan. The lines of file directories point to the existence of a “swordtitan” as well as the fact that there is an operator that goes by the codename of “aot_titan_hero”.

To elaborate on the idea, Attack on Titan was a popular manga that was adapted into an anime that revolved largely around the concept of humans fending off their homeland from the invasion of large colossal titans that sought to tear down the walls of protection that have been built up, so as to eat and consume the men and women that can be found within. The abbreviation of AoT comes from the series title and the titans that can be seen mentioned numerously in the line of code would refer to the titular enemies that can be found in the anime.

The leak also points to the likelihood of the signature weapon that titan slayers are known to use being added, the plug-in steel blades that have been seen throughout the entirety of the anime’s run on television and other streaming platforms. Models of the weapon are found inside the files of Vanguard and resemble their original anime appearances. This would seemingly imply that blades are being added alongside playable operators into the game, as well as the titans that they are known to face off in this possible COD crossover with Attack on Titan.

With the exception of this possible collaboration between the two large IPs sometime in the future, Vanguard is scheduled to come out with some new updates to in-game content and play modes across the board. With the addition of a new map that centers on the pacific front of World War II that’ll also be featured in the battle royale and plunder modes, there will be new weapons and gear, and lastly some updates to the zombie components of the game.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is available now on PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and PC via


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