Call of Duty: Vanguard Gets Round-Based Zombies Mode in New Update


Starting at midnight ET on January 12,  Call of Duty: Vanguard will receive a new mid-season update for Zombies mode. The new update promises new content for the Zombies mode such as the return survival gameplay, new weapons, and new weapon skins. In a post on, Treyarch laid out all the details of this new update. This post was meant to occur on January 15, also known as 115 Day, since that is traditionally a day for Call of Duty developers to preview what’s to come in Zombies mode.

A more traditional COD Zombies mode

Classic survival gameplay returns to Zombies along with the Shi No Numa map thanks to the Void Objective. Players will be able to unlock this objective once they access Von List’s office in Stalingrad. Going to the office will send players through a portal to the Void located in Shi No Numa. The Void Objective will require players to survive rounds of zombies for as long as they can in Shi No Numa. After 3 rounds, the option is given to either flee or survive. Choosing survive will grant 3,000 Essence for every 3 rounds completed. Every time 3 rounds are completed or the player escapes back to Stalingrad, a Sacrificial Heart is earned and can be used to upgrade Artifacts.

These upgrades include Frost Blast, Energy Mine, Aether Shroud, and Ring of Fire. Each upgrade has four tiers that can be unlocked. Completing more than 12 rounds unlocks a reward that stops all perks from going below Tier II. Players can receive a clue about what happens next in the story if they survive long enough according to Treyarch.

The new mode adds weapons and weapon skins

The new Zombies update also features new additions to the weapons and weapon skins. There are now weapon skins that can be gained through the Pack-a-Punch machine. Every time a player’s weapon is upgraded, it will have a new skin. This will occur until the weapon is upgraded to Tier III. At the crafting table, killstreak weapons can now be accessed through the support menu. There will also be new weapons added to this week’s Mystery Box such as the Combat Shield, Katana, and the newly-added Welgun SMG.

Call of Duty: Vanguard will receive a lot of content with this week’s Zombies update. Fans will be happy to see the return of survival gameplay to Zombies but will it be enough to satisfy those players who were upset at the recent glitches that plagued the game? Only time will tell. For now, players can enjoy this Zombies update as well as the recently announced Attack on Titan Collaboration.