Rainbow Six Extraction Crossplay: Cross-Platform and Cross-Save Details


Unlike Rainbow Six Seige, Rainbow Six Extraction will support crossplay. The game is the latest addition to the ever-expanding Tom Clancy universe and Ubisoft has taken a lot of hints from its previous title, Rainbow Six Siege. In Extraction, multiple unique operators need to fight against a dangerous and growing alien adversary. There are a total of 18 different operators to choose from and you can level each one of them via an in-depth progression tree that will reward players with brand new gear, stat boosts, loadout options, and combat perks.

Ubisoft is releasing the game on a bunch of different platforms and many players are confused about the Rainbow Six Extraction crossplay feature like cross-platform and cross-save. This article will tell you all you need to know about the crossplay feature in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction Crossplay: Cross-Platform and Cross-Save Details

​Being a modern-era game, Rainbow Six Extraction will thankfully have full cross-save support, allowing players to play and progress on any platform and have their progress saved across all different platforms on which they play the game. As per Ubisoft, “Rainbow Six: Siege currently supports cross-play and cross-progression between different consoles in the same family, and between PC and Stadia.” For the time being, players can keep and share their progress between either their PC and Stadia account, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, or Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Players can even hop in a match with others of the same platform family.

The developers have planned for an early 2022 timeline for cross-play to become available between Xbox and PlayStation consoles and cross-progression to become available between all platforms. Rainbow Six Extraction will even come with a “cross-platform Buddy Pass,” which basically allows you to invite two friends to your online co-op party for a maximum of 14 days, even if they haven’t purchased the game.

Furthermore, Rainbow Six Extraction will have complete crossplay between all supported platforms. This will allow players across platforms to jump into a game together without any issues of OS compatibility. You will need to log in with your Ubisoft account on various platforms to enjoy all the benefits and features of cross-platform.

However, there’s one little hiccup. According to the developers, “the cross-play feature will allow you to matchmake with players across different platforms. However, PC players will not be matched with console players, and vice versa.” This has likely been done to separate controller players from keyboard and mouse players but seeing that PC players can use controllers, this move doesn’t make any sense.

Rainbow Six Extraction is releasing on January 20, 2022, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.