Pokemon GO: January 2022 Field Research Tasks and Rewards


January 2022 is finally here, and there’s a new set of Field Research tasks and rewards for Pokemon GO players to take on this month. This month, players can expect to see all-new tasks rewarding all sorts of Mega Energy and Pokemon encounters. Starter Pokemon from Gen 1-3 are up for grabs as certain challenge rewards, and a ton of Gen 1 Mega Energy can be obtained this month as rewards for really easy tasks. Here are all the January 2022 Field Research tasks for Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO January 2022 Research Breakthrough

This month’s Research Breakthrough reward is Onix. Onix may not seem like the most exciting reward, but this Pokemon has a chance to be shiny, making this a great opportunity to add a shiny Onix to your collection if you haven’t already. There’s also a Limited Research questline this month centered around Steelix which rewards 200 Mega Steelix Energy just for catching a few Pokemon.

Pokemon GO January 2022 Field Research Tasks

Catching Field Research Tasks

Throwing Field Research Tasks

Gift and Friend Field Research Tasks

Hatching Field Research Tasks

Power Up and Evolve Field Research Tasks

PokeStop Field Research Tasks

Raid and Battle Field Research Tasks

Other Field Research Tasks

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.