Monster Hunter Rise PC: Release Date, Pre-Load Details, Switch Comparison


Monster Hunter Rise was such a phenomenal game, to say the least. Nintendo Switch players finally got a taste of how a modernized Monster Hunter game would be, akin to World and Iceborne on every other current platform. Its success and fan demand eventually had Capcom come out with an eventual port of it to PC. Monster Hunter Rise on PC is just on the horizon of release, so we’ll tell you things you need to know like its release date and more.

When does Monster Hunter Rise release on PC?

Monster Hunter Rise will be released on January 12, 2022, for PC. It’s currently available for pre-order at a standard price of any AAA game on day-one release ($59.99 USD).

Can I pre-load Monster Hunter Rise on PC?

As of writing this article, it doesn’t seem that there is any news about pre-loading the game. Following the trends of past Monster Hunter games that have come out on Steam, it will seem unlikely as the days come closer to launch. You can, however, preorder the game right now.


How is it compared to the Nintendo Switch version?

Monster Hunter Rise will obviously run better on PC compared to the Switch because of the minimal system requirements already being more powerful than Switch hardware. It’ll support resolutions up to 4K and other advanced graphical settings to best suit your PC specs and preferences. Monster Hunter Rise will also have ultrawide support, allowing for the screen to go beyond a 16:9 screen ratio.

The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise will come with keyboard and mouse support, allowing for further shortcut keys.

Is there crossplay between PC and Switch?

Monster Hunter Rise will not have crossplay between PC and Switch. As stated on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account late last year, the team was “unable to implement it this time.” It can come as a bit of a disappointment, but instances like these aren’t totally isolated.

Monster Hunter World and Iceborne also did not support crossplay at any point in their development cycle. Those were games that originally came out on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles with an eventual PC release. Though player bases on those games are much higher in number, those never got any form of crossplay.

Can I transfer my Monster Hunter Rise progress from Switch to PC?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to start anew if you originally started your MH Rise adventure on the Nintendo Switch. Despite there not being an exact reason other than the aforementioned, you cannot transfer your progress from Switch to PC.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now for the Nintendo Switch. It’ll release on PC later this month on January 12.