How to Create a Solo Public Lobby in GTA Online


GTA Online is a fantastic game with amazing missions tones to explore and what’s better is feeling like you have the world to yourself and your mates to do whatever you like. It gives you more space to level up especially when working on your agency.  Today we’re going to show you the new updated way to find yourself in a solo lobby on PC, Xbox & PlayStation.

How to Create a Solo Private Lobby in GTA Online on Xbox

  1. Drop yourself into a public session.
  2. From here click the Xbox Home button to show the side overlay.
  3. Head into the settings.
  4. Go to Account > Privacy & Safety > Xbox Privacy > Communication & multiplayer
  5. Set You can join multiplayer games to Block.
  6. Once that’s set to block back out of the settings app back into GTA V and you’ll see your still in the public lobby.
  7. Head into the pause menu go to the online tab & scroll down and click Find New Session.
  8. You’ll then receive a pop-up stating your account cannot do this. Press Ok.
  9. Once you press OK it will ask you to insert your password.
  10. Once you’ve put your password in click ok then allow.

From here you’ll load into a new empty session handcrafted for you and your mates.

How to Create a Solo Private Lobby in GTA Online on PlayStation

  1. Have yourself in a public lobby.
  2. Close GTA by clicking the PlayStation button on your controller to show your home screen. Make sure GTA is highlighted press the options button and press Close Game.
  3. Now head up to where it says Settings > Network > Settings
  4. Once your there click setup internet connection.
  5. Go to the internet you PlayStation is connected to.
  6. Click it then click advanced settings.
  7. Scroll down to MTU Settings and change it to Manual.
  8. Below that will appear the MTU it should say 150 but we’re going to change that to 800.
  9. Click done then click ok then wait until everything is setup.
  10. Once it’s setup you’ll want to back out all the way to the home screen then load up GTA.
  11. Make sure you go straight into Online instead of the default Story Mode.

Loading into the online session may take a bit longer than usual, Once you’ve loaded in, the lobby is empty except for you.

How to Create a Solo Private Lobby in GTA Online on PC

  1. Head into a public lobby
  2. Jump into the pause menu and over to the online tab. Scroll down to Playlists and inside Playlists select Create.
  3. Then head over to Add Race And head down to race “Criminal Records” – There is a good reason for us picking this which is because it’s one of the quickest to do a lap in.
  4. Add it to your Playlist. Make sure to save the Playlist and name it whatever you want.
  5. From here go to your Playlist and start it up Set the number of laps to one and make sure the Race Type is set to Standard.
  6. As soon as you start it up make sure you have a friend in any GTA public lobby.
  7. Do the one lap race it will take you about 25 seconds.
  8. Right after you’ve finished make sure you like the race. Then click restart
  9. Once you click restart there will be a 30 second countdown. As soon as that time gets to zero that’s when you’re going to invite your Friend into your game.
  10. Once your Friend joins your game your going to be on a glitched screen. Then it will eventually load you back into the Job you were just in.
  11. Once your back in the job you’ll want to make sure your friend is in the lobby then tell your friend to leave the lobby. Once he leaves he’ll be in his own public session alone.
  12. All you need to do now is join his session

After following the listed steps on your platform of choice, the lobby is yours and your mates to use.  And that’s everything that you need to know about creating a solo public lobby in GTA Online.

- This article was updated on January 9th, 2022