GTA Online: Does Chop Die in The Contract DLC?


GTA Online’s latest The Contract DLC brings back a lot of familiar faces, including Chop, Franklin and Lamar’s pet dog and our beloved canine friend. However, seeing that it’s been some time since the events of GTA 5, many players want to know whether Chop dies in The Contract DLC or not. Our favorite duo Franklin and Lamar are back in the new GTA Online The Contract DLC and we see them as successful businessmen dealing with high-profile clients. Some years have passed since we last saw everyone and players want to know if Chop is alive or not.

GTA Online: Is Chop Alive in The Contract DLC?

​Thankfully for fans and players, Chop is alive and well in GTA Online The Contract DLC and you will get to see him during the initial hours of the game. After you start The Contract and ready up your Agency, you will meet Chop, confirming that he is alive. During the first cutscene, Franklin introduces his Rottweiler buddy, lying on his dog bed in the corner of the office, expressing “that over there is my old-ass homie Chop. Shit, he don’t get around too much no more.” While Franklin’s words certainly sound worrying, it’s great to see Chop back in action once again.

You can later meet Chop within the Agency and can even interact and pet him, although there’s no option of playing with him or training him as you could in the single-player campaign of GTA 5. Speaking of GTA 5, since the Contract is an expansion and follows the same timeline as GTA 5, we could estimate Chop’s age. The events of GTA 5 take place in 2013 while the current events are set in 2021. This means some eight years have passed and Chop is about eight years old.

GTA Online: Does Chop Die in The Contract DLC?

​No, Chop doesn’t die in GTA Online The Contract DLC and it’s wonderful that the developers included him in the expansion. Chop does dodge a close call in The Contract. He starts acting strange and doesn’t move at all, concerning many players. Turns out he had consumed a bag of Lamar’s LD Organics finest ‘herbal’ product!

You can discover the dog around the Agency at various points and Chop also appears during the first Short Trip mission unlocked after finishing the Dr. Dre storyline, assisting Franklin and Lamar by jumping on the Vagos members and guiding the players into the warehouse. We just hope he stays strong, healthy and goes on more adventures with Lamar and Franklin.

GTA V is available now and playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.